• "Research has shown that about 50% of classroom time is lost due to student misbehavior and being off task.

    80% of lost time is due to talking without permission.

    19% is lost to daydreaming, out of seat, making noises, etc.

    1% is lost to more serious misbehavior."

    – Frederick H. Jones

  • In 2010, The Council of Great Schools reported the following:

    • Nationally, only 12% of Black fourth-grade males are proficient in reading, compared with 38% of White males.

    • Black males drop out of high school at nearly twice the rate of White males.

Brian Watts is a talented mathematics teacher, versatile public speaker, consultant and motivator. Brian has taught on the middle school, high school and collegiate levels, and for a few years served as an administrator. Brian Watts has influenced educational practices, instituted procedures and helped to raise test scores and positively affect learning in many of the schools where he has taught.

Brian possesses a special gift of mixing humor, personal stories and metaphors into a presentation that gives his classes and his audiences a “front row seat” to his life experiences and beliefs.  His ability to “edutain” (educate and entertain simultaneously) is one of the secrets to his success as a teacher and a public speaker.  Today, Brian presents trainings to teachers on classroom management and discipline while still serving as a mathematics teacher in a public school in Nashville, TN.

Brian J. T. Watts, Ed.S

Today, Brian Watts is an Independent Educational Consultant who provides a variety of trainings for teachers and mentors students.