Brian J. T. Watts is a Time To Teach Certified Trainer/Consultant Highly Qualified, Tenured, Certified Mathematics Teacher (8-12)

College Credit Is Available for Brian Watts’s “Time To Teach” Training This course (Time To Teach – Discipline Management) is offered for college credit through Chapman University. Chapman University partners with a number of national professional development organizations that offer seminars and workshops nationwide. Participants that attend specified workshops may earn credit by completing a follow-up practicum, based on the content of the workshop Details for direct enrollment and Registration Forms for Chapman University will be available at the seminar. Detailed information can by found at the Chapman University Web Site.


Time, it has been said, is the coin of learning. Yet every teacher has known the frustration of losing valuable instructional time to matters of discipline, just as every student has known the frustration of losing valuable learning time to matters of discipline. For some teachers and for some students, the amount of time lost is very great.

The Center promotes Time To Teach, a highly effective program that was initially developed over 27 years ago with the help and guidance of Dr. Madeline Hunter and Coach John Wooden, both of UCLA. Time To Teach is a program proven to restore that lost time to teachers and students in a way that is simple, fair, and mutually respectful. We believe that it can be effective for you in your unique situation.

Who should attend a Time to Teach Training?

General education teachers K through 12, special education teachers, principals, counselors, psychologists, at-risk coordinators, title 1 coordinators, special education directors, staff development directors, para professionals, educational assistants, administrators, curriculum directors, school board members, parents.

All educators who:

  • Want a program that significantly reduces classroom / school discipline problems by
    – teaching self-discipline, responsibility,
    – cooperation, and problem-solving skills
  • Believe that good behavior is as important as academics in helping students be successful in work, in the community, and in relationships
  • Know that nonpunitive methods work best for long-range positive results with students-and who want a large toolbox of nonpunitive methods
  • Want classrooms where students demonstrate mutual respect.
  • Especially those educators who want to:

    • Increase student achievement
    • Create positive classroom behavior
    • Intervene effectively when students misbehave
    • Develop a classroom climate and school culture based on
      – caring,
      – clear limits, consistency,
      – and respect
    • Motivate apathetic, reluctant learners, and potential dropouts
    • Build a foundation for the prevention of violence
    • Improve home, school, and community collaboration
    • Promote character education and the development of good citizenship

    Why Attend?

    You are guaranteed to learn how to:

  • Eliminate repeated warnings & multiple requests in a positive fashion
  • Teach the disrespectful to be respectful
  • Teach the unmotivated to be motivated
  • Teach the irresponsible to be responsible
  • Be proactive rather than reactive
  • Arrange any classroom for maximum achievement
  • Avoid power struggles
  • Capture student attention
  • Refocus™ the reluctant learner
  • Use a myriad of powerful prompting techniques
  • Spend quality time with ALL students in your classroom
  • What Your Colleagues Are Saying about the Time To Teach Training…

    “Five blue stars! [We were] taught how to be firm, yet fair with our students. I feel confident that I can handle literally any event in my classroom…in a positive fashion.”

    - Deb Ptasky, counselor

    “What a wonderful seminar. What a useful seminar! [We experienced] the most powerful solution to problem behavior I’ve ever heard of. I wish I would have learned this stuff in college.”

    - Mick Endley, 2nd grade teacher

    “My principal requested that I attend this seminar…quite frankly because I was on professional assistance. After struggling for two years with discipline issues, I finally have a plan that will work for myself and my students. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart…”

    - Anonymous, new teacher

    “Unbelievable! Our teachers were taught how to restore civility in their classrooms, gave us tons of useful and practical tips, and was funny and entertaining! The seminar was riddled with tools and techniques that our teachers will use on a daily basis.”

    - Darrell Rud, principal, President, National Association of Elementary School Principals

    “Wow! Learn how to “draw a line in the sand in your classroom,” have high standards and happy students. What more could you ask for?!


    “I am a thirty year veteran. I thought I’d seen all…done all. However, I learned more today about successfully managing my classroom than I have in thirty-seven years of experience. Maybe I’ll sign on for another five years!”

    - Jim Nolstad, classroom teacher (6th grade)

    “Funny. Very, very funny.  Informative.  Very, very informative. Just what I expected from a top rated seminar, and they delivered.”

    “… a very complex issue (classroom discipline) was reduced to an understandable, very easy set of strategies that any classroom teacher can use. I can’t wait to start school on Monday and try this out!”

    - Andy Smith, high school math teacher