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Time To Teach: Empowerment & Excellence in Every Classroom – $24.95

Having trained tens of thousands of teachers who teach hundreds of thousands of students, we know that children and adolescents can and will be responsible for their own behavior and for their own learning, but these skills must be taught first.

That’s why we have been tirelessly promoting it for over twenty-seven years! We were initially guided by Dr. Madeline Hunter and Coach John Wooden, both of UCLA (quite a story).

This book focuses on proven strategies for teaching these important skills to students, evaluating their successes, and certainly focuses on the art of delivering effective consequences when all else fails. Special techniques are outlined for preventing discipline problems and dealing effectively with those that do occur…

DVD – Time To Teach – Nearly Six Hours – $249.95

This series includes:

1) All of the Self-Control strategies you have learned, which will help you “Remain Calm and Respond Right” every time.

2) All of the Teach-To philosophy and strategies, which will help set you and your children up for peak performance.

3) All of the Unconditional Positive Regard philosophy and strategies which will help you establish connections with all children, even children who challenge, and which always pay big dividends to the classroom teacher. Also,

4) classroom arrangement ideas! All of the REFOCUS review philosophy and strategies which will guarantee that you “stay out of the tornado” and never again find yourself giving multiple warnings and repeated requests. “All of the critically important “what if’s” asked by teachers from around America, and answered by a master educator.

Teach-To’s – Lesson Plans & Essential Advice – $49.95

No matter how good your curriculum, how organized or prepared you are, you must be able to keep students focused. These behavior lessons provide the framework for just that! Teach – To’s are the foundation for all of our techniques and strategies.

You will want to keep this book “handy” when frontloading those expectations from the start. A must for every “Time To Teach” educator … who wants to maximize classroom instruction time.

CD – Teachin’ The Blues Away (music) – $17.95

This is a music CD. Teachin’ The Blues Away lyrics were written for the classroom teacher and are riddled with tips, strategies, and ideas – mixed together with Blues music. Vocals are by John Carswell. John has played with Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, and Muddy Waters, to name just a few.

It is unique in that we perform and have fun with you and at the same time we also teach you! We celebrate both the challenge and joy of teaching on this VERY UNIQUE product. There is nothing like it around. You will enjoy listening (as well as your class!).

A MATTER OF LIFE OR DEATH | Why Black Men Must Save Black Boys in America’s Public Schools

A Matter of Life and Death: Why Black Men Must Save Black Boys in America’s Public Schools sheds light on the cycle of failures in traditional school systems perpetuated on Black male children and youth. In this unique collection of essays, Black male educators from diverse backgrounds share their personal struggles and triumphs growing up in a society that propagates Black male inferiority. Through storytelling and honest confession, we are faced with the reality that Black boys today continue to wrestle with the inevitable results – when education is used as a weapon for social marginalization.

Nevertheless, out of a myriad of challenges, there remains hope! Take a journey with the authors and discover new ways to turn the tide. These essays serve as a call to action – a call for Black men to step up and a call for the broader community to wake up and do the work necessary to save America’s children.

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